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18 Healthy Habits of the Fiercely Fit

18 Healthy Habits of the Fiercely Fit

Staying fit can be a tough task with so many other things on our agendas to focus on as the weeks move forward, but imagine how excellent it would be if there was an effortless way to implement fitness habits into your daily schedule with no problem? Partaking in a healthy lifestyle is an everyday routine, a constant goal to work toward, taking all the steps to achieve success. We’ve curated a small list to help get you started on the path towards a healthy lifestyle!

1. Tune Out the Noise
Try your best to take the negative thoughts out your head while planning your fitness routine. Thinking positively about your outcome is essential to your success!
2. Maxed Out Motivation
Pinpoint a few reasons towards what is motivating you to reach your fitness goals. When feeling unmotivated, take the time to remind yourself what got you inspired in the first place.
3. Set Strategies
The more detailed & tailored your strategy is, the easier it will be for you to overcome & establish a new set of goals to help conquer your overall plan.
4. Show Em’ Who’s Boss
Studies show that a light jog/workout will actually alleviate your sore muscles.
5. Imagine the Ideal Body
Aka known as yours in a few weeks! Picture yourself from head to toe with the body of your dreams, allow that image to inspire you to keep it up. Believe it & become it.
6. Chef the Lifestyle You’d Like to Live
As easy as it would be to fill up on McDonalds – imagine how much more your body would thrive if you prepared a nice healthy meal at home instead?
7. No Way Out
Not allowing yourself a “cheat day” or an “i’ll workout later” option will help keep you on the right path. Instead of skipping a workout, think about how great it’ll make you feel.
8. Treat Yo’ Self
Celebrate milestones! As you’re achieving fitness goals, it’s important to congratulate yourself. Whether it be a cupcake or ancient Chinese acupuncture…
You deserve it.

9. Use Work Time to be Active
Taking a walk during your lunch break or even a brisk jog around the block before heading home, allowing your workout to be as normal as a work day is a bonus.

10. Mix It Up
Carrying the same routine from day to day is not as effective as if you were to switch between cardio, yoga & strength training.
11. Don’t Press It
Straining your system to fit into a tight dress is not the best option to take as you’ll be achieving more harm than good. Remember, fitness is not a workout – it’s a lifestyle.
12. Eat What You Want
Don’t swear off items you enjoy like candy or the occasional cocktail, doing this will only deter you from eating the correct things more frequently.
13. Not Feeling the Gym?
Workout @ home.
YouTube offers a sea of options of excellent workouts tailored to your routine.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to allow your body the time to recover.
15. APPly Yourself
Taking the time to download a fitness tracker will allow you to stay motivated, but also will allow you to stay on track & understand your progress thus far.
16. Drink a Glass of Water Before Every Meal
Self explanatory. Not only does it help keep your mind/body clear, you are more likely to have a lot more energy & less appetite due to H2o.
17.  Don’t Let Time Slow You Down
Exercise even if you only have 20 minutes to do it. Having a quick workout plan in your roster is always a great idea because we all know how times flies.
18. Have Fun With It
As you’re on the way to working a better self, we are rooting for you!
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      Thanks for the comment Rosen! Glad we were able to help you out with your New Year’s RES. Be sure to share these tips with your friends, they’ll be grateful you did! :)

    1. dashinglyDifferent

      So excellent! We are SO glad we were able to help Nicole. Thanks Nicole! Be sure to share these tips with your friends, they’ll be grateful you did! :)

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