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How to Be Perfectly Photogenic

The Best Tips To Assure You’re Perfectly Photogenic

We all have the photogenic friend that constantly looks amazing in photos no matter what right? As simple as it may seem, being the subject of a snapshot isn’t as easy as it sounds, with factors like lighting & posture truly make the world’s of a difference in the outcome of your photo. Between holiday parties and family gatherings, tis the season for lots of surprise snapshot opportunities when you may not feel all too camera ready. We’ve put together tips to assure you look your best in every photo – whether you’re ready or not, you’ll be ready to effortlessly rock the lens. 

1. Posture is Everything.
If there is any time to stand up straight, the perfect occasion would be in a photo.

2. Slightly Tilt Your Chin.
To the left, to the right – direction isn’t important, having a more defined jawline is.

3. Smile but Not Too Much!
An overtly extended grin can come off as a bit cheesy… all puns intended!

4. Place a Hand on Your Waist.
This will highlight & accentuate the smallest part of the body, the waist.

5. Put Your Shoulders Back.
Push one hip outward for a natural yet very flattering appearance.

6.  Avoid Double Chin.
Elongate your neck & push your face forward a bit.

7. Do the Research.
Look at old photos of yourself & spot the pattern that highlights you just the way you like.

8. Pucker Up.
Slightly purse your lips to make them look a bit more fuller.

9. Be Spotted First.
Place yourself center in a group shot if you can – everyone loves a social butterfly.

10. Flaunt the “Good Side”.
Highlighting your best angles, like the left side of your face is known to be more photogenic.
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