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Weight Loss in a Week

12 Tips To Lose 5lbs in a Week

As our mothers always emphasized to us how awful crash dieting truly can be & we may have indulged once or twice already in a lifetime, but what if there were a few healthier options to avoid yo-yo dieting & still achieve your weight loss goal before a hot date or important interview? Taking a small amount of effort in your eating/exercise routines will make the world’s difference cutting your unwanted fat & quick! We’ve complied a small roster on how to rid a few inches & fast (the healthy way.)

1. Drink at Least 9 Glasses of Water a Day
The more water you drink, the less of it you retain. Water is a natural diuretic.

2. Eat Less Calories

As delicious as ranch dressing is, subtle changes like opting for vinaigrette will save you the excess weight you’re trying to burn. Managing smaller portions is important.

3. Add LOTS of Extra Protein to Your Diet
Cutting out the carbs & fat – focusing on items like lean meat, egg whites, vegetables & skim milk will help you with short term weight loss.

4. Leave the Sweet Drinks Alone
Why drink your calories & risk your quick slim down diet? Stay away from liquid sugar if you can. Sparkling & flavored water are superb substitutes.

5. Pass on the Dressings
Butter, cheese, sour cream are options that will go straight to your hips & deter you from your goal.

6. Make Your Own Meals
Cooking for yourself assures your body is getting the exact nutrition it’s seeking to slim down. Save your money & your calories simultaneously.

7. Burn the Calories

Taking the effort to let your body fat knows who’s boss works best when you’re resistance building or breaking a sweat with daily cardio. Consume less calories than you burn.

8. Lots of Fruits & Vegetables
These items retain a lot of water & will allow you to eat more, for less! Grapefruits help boost fat burning.

9. Drink Tea
Green Tea, Oolong Tea & Detox tea will help your digestive system & metabolism. 

10. Make Breakfast Your Biggest Priority
As it’s so easy to skip, taking the effort to make breakfast your best & biggest meal will be helpful. Eating less as the day advances closer to bedtime is the best option.

11. Ban Bread & Pasta
Until you’re ready to call your quick diet quits – avoid these heavy foods.

12. Avoid Alcohol

Nothing ruins all of your hard work like a drink! Not only are there major calories attached to alcohol, but also the greasy/cheesy cravings that come along with the recovery are not worth it as it’s likely you’ll cave.
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