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15 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

15 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

Finding something exciting & bold to do with Beau is always going to be an ever lasting issue, from where to eat or how to spend a sunny Sunday – we know it can be tough! Whether you’ve been dating 2 years or 2 months, there is a small roster of activities you should partake in as it will only strengthen communication & develop your relationship to be much stronger by the end of it all. Feeling a spontaneous streak? We’ve gathered a small catalog of items to choose from next time you’re looking to bond with your special beau. Pin this post to save a few date ideas for next time you’re feeling romantic & adventurous!
15 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

1. Read to Each Other
Yes there’s always Netflix & chill… but what’s more romantic than hearing the sound of beau’s voice putting you to sleep instead?

2. Unplug
Leave your phones in another room for two hours & create your own live trending topics…. aka conversation.

3. Get Caught in the Rain Together
Accidental or not – it will be super cute either way! Nicolas Sparks style.15 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

4. Do Something Spontaneous
Pondering, selecting & executing a spontaneous adventure together is a special bonding experience. Not something to do on the daily, but the rare occasion makes it all the more fun & special.

5. Snuggle

If it leads to something? Perfect. If it’s just cuddling & healthy sleep?
Also perfect. It’s a win-win situation.

6. Work on a Puzzle or board Game Together
Problem solving with Beau can be one of the strongest bonds to bare, but what if it’s just a game of Monopoly? The best way to practice buying property & collecting taxes together for the future, genius! 

7. Go On a Road Trip
Pick a destination & go for it! Taking the time to travel with beau will only bring the two of your closer as you venture across new lands.

8. Try a New Hobby Together
Maybe a pottery class or water aerobics? The idea to get you & Beau both exploring something new is a grand way to strengthen any relationship as this new hobby will be undiscovered for both of you.

9. Karaoke
Lights, great music, possibly greasy snacks & beer.
If you can’t sing ‘Genie a Bottle’ impromptu for Beau, then he isn’t be beau. Simple!

10. Pitch a tent (outside or indoors)
The company of building a new home together, even if it is only for the night.
Pitch a tent at a campground or build a pillow fort, the idea is doing it together.

11. Hiking a Difficult Trail
A sure way to inspire one another to make it to “the top.” Why not talk about your aspirations along the way?

12. Volunteering or Community Clean Up together
Whether it be the local animal shelter or beach cleanup, taking the time out of BOTH your schedules to help others will only bring you much closer.

13. Shower/Bathe Together
15 Things Every Couple Should Do TogetherWhat’s more intestate & adorable than getting clean together? Not only will this relieve any shyness but you’ll also get to make sure Beau is super clean. How cute!

14. Have a Pet Together
Before children, the strongest way to test yourself together as parents would be to adopt a pet. A dog, a bird, a lizard – joint custody & responsibility must be in order.

15. Meet Each Other’s Friends/Have Separate Nights Out
Girls nights & guys nights are both important – but separate of course! It’s so important not to become too attached to Beau & remember to NOT do a few things together. 



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