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Tips for Bikini Maintenance

The 8 Best Tips for Bikini Line Maintenance

Every girl regardless of shape or size faces the same struggle of figuring out how to handle hair that grows in the bikini area, most notably in the sweltering summer sun when all you want is to show off that bikini bod you’ve maintained . With many different grooming options on the market, we can never be too sure which one is truly the best one for the sensitive bikini line. When it comes to achieving a clean beach-bod & ridding hard to reach hair, the truth is there isn’t only one perfect grooming option – it’s different for everyone depending on skin type. In order to assure you have the hottest bod on the beach, we’ve collected our Top 8 Best Tips for Bikini Line Maintenance to help avoid the bumps, cuts, & redness – instead focus on the fun & be bikini ready all summer.

1.The Proper Wax Product
Everyone has different levels of sensitivity when it comes to all areas of skin, it’s only sensible that you use the best wax product suited for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes – it’s wise to ask a professional which wax product is best for you.

2. Save It for the End of Your Shower
At the end of shower is when your hair & skin are the softest, which makes it the perfect time to shave in order to avoid bumps.

3. Utilize Deodorant
However, one of the best ways to tame your bikini line is to apply deodorant right after you shave. Keep a spare stick aside from the one you use for your arms.

4. Don’t wax too frequently
Frequent waxing can lead to uneven skin tone & discoloration. To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to take a break from waxing to replenish your skin.

5. Utilize Black Tea
Want to rid of those unflattering red bumps or ingrown hairs? Black tea is your new BFF. Black tea is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it will help get rid of those unwelcomed bumps for good. 

6. Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera!
 Aloe Vera is the miracle moisturizer when it comes to not only sun but unwanted bumps. Since aloe is so packed with moisture it will sink it your skin immediately & eliminate razor irritation.

7. Wax 2-3 Days in Advance
This rule is crucial, especially if you’re new to waxing. The purpose of waxing is to temporarily remove those unwanted hairs from the root so that your skin stays hairless longer. However, since this process is harsh on the skin it can leave redness & blotchiness for a day or two. No thanks! 

8. Invest in a Good Razor
This is probably most essential tip if you choose to shave instead of wax. When it comes to shaving avoid the straight or dull disposable razors. In order to minimize cuts/bleeding your razor should have multiple blades, a pivotal blade, & moisturizing strips.
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