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Stuff Sisters Should Do Together

The 15 Best Bonding Activities Sisters Must Do Before 30

Having siblings can often times be a catch-22, the only individuals you truly know your entire life aside from your parents – creating an even stronger bond as you equally share those with your siblings as well. Now that, as sisters, you may be entering your adult years together it’s important that you experience certain things together while you’re young that will be remembered for the rest of your lifetimes. Despite any bickering, meanness, taunting, & rivalry as sisters – growing up together is one thing, but getting to know your sister as a dear friend is something completely different. Appreciating your young adult years with a bestie you share similar genes with is something special that should be cherished while you have the time & energy to be equally lively/ambitious. Love or hate them, they’re yours – why not make the most of it? We’ve collected our top 15 activities all sisters should take part in together before hitting the golden age of 30.
25 Things All Sisters Should Do Together

1. Share Major Secrets – Present & Past
What’s a life full of secrets if you never share one or two? There isn’t a better person on this planet to trust than your sister, because whether you’re wrong or right – she’ll always have your back no matter what.
2. Organize a Closet Share & Jewelry Swap
Have you been admiring your sister’s yellow Summer sundress since the beginning of time & notice she never wears it anymore? Your sister’s closet is full of fashion treasures & so is yours, a swap is so reasonable.
3. Enjoy Your Favorite Disney Movies Together
Have a serious tie between Hercules & Mulan? Take the time to watch them both & many more in a Disney movie marathon.
4. Reminisce on Relationships – Present & Past
Love the Skater Boy your sister dated a few years ago? Have some thoughts on the Punk Rock Prince she went to prom with? Let her know! This will allow you both to be wiser when choosing your next beau now that you’re both older & wiser.
5. Treat Ya’ Selves to a Spa Day
Self explanatory. Steam room, superb relaxation, luxurious snacks & sharing the comfort – who better to indulge in that with your sister?
6.  Wine or Whiskey Tasting – or Both!
Now that you are both taking part in your years as early adults, what better way to bond than getting into a drunk adventure together?
7. Attend a Music Festival Together
Not into the large crowds associated with Coachella or Governor’s Ball? Take the time to see a live concert or two with your sister.
8. Prank Your Parents
Now that you’re fully past this stage where this is not something expected from two grown-up girls, it’s perfect timing! Not only will your parents be pleased to be pranked, but they’ll be even more ecstatic to see the two of you spending time together.
The 15 Best Bonding Activities Sisters Must Do Before 30
9. DIY Projects – Plenty of Them
Sift through Pinterest together to discover a few simple & fun DIY projects the two of you can easily tackle together. Not only do you have the memories, but a creative souvenir as well.
10. Get Matching Tattoos
Not into the idea pf getting inked? Temporary tattoos totally work too!
11. Dance Revolution
Practicing your best (& worst) dance moves with your sister is the best decision you’ll ever make. Who will be more brutally honest on the moves than your own sibling?
12. Travel / Road Trip Together
Let it be 20 miles or 200 – nothing truly tests friendship like traveling to foreign lands. 
13. Take a Workout Class
Not into Spin Cycle? That’s alright, anything from YouTube Yoga to Rock Climbing together will bring the two of you closer together than ever before.
14. A #TBT Themed Sleepover
Are you both children of the 80’s or 90’s? Throw it back with a nostalgic themed sleepover to bring all the memories back. 
15. Spend Time With Your Family
Make the whole family enjoy your newly found sister-time! Spread the family love & bonding effort, they’ll appreciate it.
The 15 Best Bonding Activities Sisters Must Do Before 30

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