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10 Tips for Better Instagram Images

The Best Tips Better Instagram Posts

As technology progresses, Instagram and Blog photos are starting to have higher and higher standards to determine whether or not a photo is “instaworthy.” The purpose of blogs, creative content and Instagram has remained the same over the past six years, however, it’s the viewers that have become more sophisticated. Taking a regular old selfie or a picture of what you ate today doesn’t make the cut for the popular page anymore. The power lies in the extra reach you go to take your gram to the next level,from finding new locations and taking a hundred shots just to get that one perfect one takes a bit of effort, but it’s a necessity to ramp up your photography and gain more followers. However, your path to better photos can also be as simple as different lighting. In order to become the Instagram and blog photo champ, read our 10 tips for better photos. Enjoy!

1. Location is Key
If all your photos consist of you in your dorm room, you probably don’t have many likes or followers. The best photos consist of a touch of lifestyle and realism – which you can only get from the great outdoors. A picture of your dog laying down on the beach is lot more exciting than a picture of your dog in your room.

2. Use the basic rules of composition
There are two basic rules of composition: the rule of thirds and being on the same eye level as the subject. It might seem simple, but if you try it out for a while you will notice a massive difference in your photography and your followers will too.

3. Use the light
An image cannot be created without light, so when in doubt turn your subject toward the light. As you progress you will most likely want to explore using different light sources from different positions – however if you’re a beginner, you will always make a golden photo if your subject is facing the light.

4. Take photos on your camera and transfer them to your phone
If you’re curious why your photos don’t have the same quality as those instagrams or blogs run by real photographers, it’s because they use a digital camera to capture their moments and then transfer those to their iPhone. If you want a quality photo, use a quality camera – or a least just a digital one.

5. Experiment with editing apps
The best thing about an iPhone is the apps, and if you’re into photography, take advantage of the editing apps. It’s fun to play around with different colors and tools to turn a plain photo into a insta/blog worthy photo. Apps such as Mextures and slow shutter are highly recommended.

6. Be very selective
Everyone’s had that day where there outfit or makeup is totally on point and all they want to do is post a million pictures of their fashion and beauty success. However your followers don’t need to see every angle of your face. Be picky and make sure you have absolutely no doubt about the photo when posting it.

7. Find your poses
If you’re going to post a selfie, find the pose that works for you. This is easier said than done, but a necessity nonetheless. Don’t be afraid to look ridiculous when trying out some new poses, you need to go through the bad to find the good ones. If you can’t think of any, examine some of the poses of professional models and try those out.

8. Take advantage of golden hour
Golden hour always applies, even with iPhone photos. Golden hour is that part of the day where the sun is glistening and it beams through your photos to create drool worthy pics. Golden hour happens shortly after sunrise or before sunset and will give your photos a redder and softer sun.

9. Learn how to blur your background
This is one of the easiest things to do and will immediately give your photo a more professional look by making your subject “pop”. If you’re shooting with an iPhone you can usually just click on the subject and it will focus it for you, however if you really want your subject to pop I suggest using a digital camera

10. Have fun with it!
The best advice for improving your blog and instagram photos is just to have fun with it. Online communities such a Instagram and Tumblr are meant for you to have fun, so always remember that when taking a pic. Be the best and happiest version of yourself and your number of followers will eventually grow as you express your joy in your photos.

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