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Top 20 Ways to Improve Your Fashion Blog

Top 20 Ways to Improve Your Blog

The blogger atmosphere is becoming more competitive every day as it continues to grow with fresh new minds wanting to speak their words of wisdom. Fashion blogging these days is a road well traveled with six inch heels and wardrobes that will make your mouth drop. The job may seem glamorous, but it’s hard work – especially for newcomers. In order for your fashion blog journey to be successful we have gathered 20 tips to help improve your blog and expose your inner fashionista. Enjoy!

1. Make Instagram Your New BFF
If you have a blog, especially a fashion blog, you have to have an instagram account. Blogs are dying out because of instagram, however the more popular your instagram is, the more likely people are to check out your blog for more in depth detail. 

2. Know Your Audience
The people who have the most success understand what their audience wants. If you’re blogging about the best suits to wear when your audience is mainly college girls, your posts won’t be that popular.

3. Give Your Blog a New Layout
Whether it’s making a few tweaks or changing the layout all together it’s nice to keep things fresh. People respond to change and will be more intrigued by your blog if you decide to try something new here and there.

4. Have an About Page
It’s important that readers are be able to relate to you and understand what your skills are. When you are writing your about page treat your blog as a business and remember that the best businesses have the best stories behind them.

5. Create an Editorial Calendar
The best tip for bloggers to is keep an editorial calendar to remind yourself of post dates and keep track of all your projects and ideas. When your blog starts getting busy it’s essential to note when you last posted and what you posted.

6. Use Other Blogs as Inspo
Writers block always finds a way to sneak in, so when you are faced with it a good cure is to browse other sites like yours to see what’s trending. Once you find a good topic, put a small twist on it to ensure originality.

7. Leave Comments
Take the time to write a thoughtful comment on a post that you appreciate. Many bloggers will respond and visit your page in return. This shows that you took the time to carefully read their post.

8. Make a Twitter
With a Twitter account you can post links to your website and generate buzz by interacting with other users. Just don’t make the mistake of only posting about your site, no one wants to follow an account that only consists of promoting themselves.

9. Ask Readers to Share Content
On most blog sites they have social media buttons next to their post that link to the reader’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. This makes your content shareable with just a click of a button.

10. Socialize Virtually
Join sites and forums related to your blog topic and connect with others. This is an easy way to spread the word and find people interested in what you’re writing about. If you’re a fashion blogger, I recommend Friend Friday and The Fashion Spot.

11. Socialize Locally
It always a good idea to attend events related to your blog topic in order to network. Make sure always to have a business card handy as well so people don’t forget what the name of your blog is the next day.

12. Offer a Newsletter
A newsletter will ensure active engagement as it reminds readers to come check out your site. Tell your subscribers what’s just been posted or what’s coming up. Just make sure not to bombard your subscribers with too many emails or else they will get annoyed and unsubscribe.

13. Differentiate Your Blog
There are always going to be similarities within every blog, but it’s important that you can still point out the differences. If you’re a new blogger it’s important that to be different and stand out or else there won’t be any reason why your blog is someone’s new go-to.

14. High-quality Content is Key
When you first start your blog focus on producing amazing content for at least six months to a year in order to gain followers. Also, always make sure you have clear photos and then your content will speak for itself.

15. Write Guest Posts
It never hurts to write a guest post on a blog with a similar audience. Ideally the blog you write your guest post for should have higher traffic than your blog, but it’s not essential. Every blog has followers that don’t follow you yet, so it’s always a bonus.

16. Showcase Your Personality
The most successful bloggers are those with a true personality. So don’t be afraid to put your personality in your posts, this isn’t a newspaper – it’s a blog and readers are looking for opinions. The more genuine you are the more relatable you will be.

17. Set Up Pins
Make sure to set up lots of pins to ensure that when photos from your blog are pinned, all the important information gets pinned with it. You can get any photo from your blog to come with all of the SEO data by using Blogger or WordPress.

18. Learn Photoshop
Photoshop can help you turn any mediocre photo into an amazing one in just a few steps. Whether a photo is brighter or darker may not seem important but trust me, it makes all the difference. When clicking on a blog article it’s the photo that initially attracts the reader, however it’s the words that make them stay.

19. Do Blogger Profiles/Interviews
Like writing a guest post, this a great way to expose your blog to a new audience. This is basically free advertising, and that’s always a plus!

20. Create Your Ideal Team
Constantly ask yourself what your ideal team looks like and never stop searching for it. Only bring in people who add value or offer a different point of view in order to help develop your blog and challenge you as a writer and fashionista.
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