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Create a Chic Apartment On a Budget

Create a Chic Apartment On a Budget

Sometimes the simplest changes are the key for the best apartment makeovers. Just by changing your paint color, adding a rug, or putting up some lights can turn your place around for the better and make you space feel completely brand new. Re-decorating your entire apartment might seem like it’s a costly process, however any simple change can add all the special touches you want to your space within budget-friendly limits. In order to help you create a chic apartment on a budget we have collected 10 tips for cheap, yet effective ways to make your room feel brand new again. Enjoy!

1. Pile on the pillows
Your bed is the most important aspect of your room, and the best way to make your bed pop out is decorative pillows. Steal some pillows from around the house or go to a cheap home decor store and purchase the some adorable throw pillows.

2. Cover your walls with tapestries
Tapestries are the miracle wall decor because they make a bold statement and they’re cheap. They’re the go-to accessory for all dorm rooms because they give your room a super friendly and stylish feel without putting in the hard work to make it that way.

3. Mount more of your furniture to the wall
Hanging up your lamps, bookshelves, pictures, and jewelry holders gives you more space in your room and give off an edgier vibe. It also makes your room pet friendlier if you’re an animal lover.

4. Add plants
Plants make a huge difference and you can never have too many. You can even get creative with it and hang them up or decorate their pots to match the colors of your room. You’re room is going to feel fresher and look cuter.

5. Frame your posters
If you’re a poster lover, a frame makes all the difference – especially if you’re trying to avoid that childish feel. Frame your favorite posters and position them carefully to add a more elegant and sophisticated vibe.

6. Pay attention to the floor
If you have a low-key room, a cheery yellow rug is a burst of sunshine that will really put your room together. It’s an easy and cheap way to make your space feel more personalized and helps cover unattractive carpeting.

7. Add some patterned wallpaper
Patterned wallpaper or color accents on your door and furniture can turn something boring and old into something new and stylish again. Add wallpaper to the corners of the room, your closest, your lampshade, your nightstand, and anything else you can think of.

8. Get actual curtains
If you live in a room that comes with plastic curtains, change it up immediately by purchasing real ones. Bold colored curtains will be better at shading the light and will add a lot of class and style to your room.

9. Get rid of the junk under and on your table
You’ve probably been stacking just about everything you’ve accumulated over the years on your desk, so it’s probably time anyway for some cleaning up. Throw away all the trash and things you no longer use or need for a neater and nicer looking desk.

10. Get new sheets
A cute set of comfy cozy new sheets will do wonders for your sleep life and room. Get sheets that make your bed look and feel as comfortable as possible so that every time someone looks at your bed they’re jealous it’s not theirs to sleep in.
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